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Warner Gear Update

We're starting to record some more songs for the Warner Gear, and we're going to look at some different ideas for recording the bass.  Last time, we ran it through a SansAmp Bass DI direct into the computer - we're going to stick with this setup, but we're going to toss in quite a bit more highs and crank up the "presence" knob a bit.  We're thinking about some advice "Duck" Dunn put forth in "Bass Player" magazine a few years ago (and there's really no better source) about tossing in every frequency and letting it get adjusted in the mix.  After all, it's easier to take frequencies out than to boost them when they're not there.  I don't normally cut them in my playing, but we're thinking it might make things easier down the line.  Last time, we also did some faux "tic-tac" bass sounds using an old Danelectro (it just sounded right on some of the songs).  I'm not sure the material is leaning that way this time, which is another reason to try increased high-end.  We should be doing bass and drums in the next few weeks, so I'll know soon.  Duck wouldn't lead me wrong, though.Is it wrong that I'm contemplating this issue while watching a bass lesson about slapped arpeggios? 

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