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  1. ebaG yelraH
    ebaG yelraH at |

    It’s the curse of the Great Equalizer known as The Internets, I’m afraid. All that enabling, democratizing technology only leads to one thing: a lot more crap to wade through in one’s quest for Earhole Satisfaction.

  2. Holly Kim
    Holly Kim at |

    Actually, that is two episodes of Metalocalypse.

    The stage falling from the sky was in the very first episode, “The Curse of Dethklok” and the lava was in the “Dethdoubles” episode, the fifth of the 2nd season.

  3. beetqueen
    beetqueen at |

    And it’s 20 Print Go To 10/30 Run

  4. beetqueen
    beetqueen at |

    I actually realized I made the mistake as I was laying in bed (don’t ask why I was thinking about it), but I was warm and it was late, and well, I just didn’t freakin’ care enough.

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