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Bass, Steelers, and the Weekend

BassGeekYes, that's a snapshot of my Second Life avatar playing bass while flying over a Japanese garden. So what? There's so much bass in my first life that I needed to create a second one just to handle it all.

I was searching for a bass with a Pittsburgh Steelers paint job as the correct prelude to this Sunday's Pittsburgh/New England game, but there just wasn't one available on the Internet. And I don't have the money or inclination to produce one myself or have it done. I've got no qualms drilling into a perfectly good new bass to install a MIDI pickup or have a little wood carved out for a new active pickup. There may even be a replacement graphite neck on the Stingray soon - I've always liked the sound, but I'm having issues with the neck moving, and the truss rod has nearly been tweaked to its limit. But a new paint job just doesn't sound that appealing. The others are matters of function, not form.

Oh, well. Enjoy the weekend, and try to avoid contacting me around 4pm this Sunday. I'll probably be yelling a lot.