New Podcast AND This Weekend in Fountain Square

There’s a new podcast up at – out 109th weekly episode, to be exact. That makes us Methuselah in the podcasting world, I believe. Subscribe or download directly. There’s a hell of a lot of metal in this episode, too. Tr00 and kvlt, to be sure.

From there, I’m off to the most magical weekend in Fountain Square ever. Literally billions of artists congregate in a two-block area (we stack well on the SE side, you know) for the chance to win prize money for their works in Masterpiece In A Day, exhibit their wares at the Fountain Square Art Festival, and get ideas on how to decorate their humble abodes at the Fab 4 Less exhibition at the Wheeler Arts Community. Following the event, they’ll probably have some coffee and/or dinner (depending solely on how they did that day in sales/competition) and then proceed to Radio Radio for the Early Day Miners/Marmoset/Creepin’ Charley and the Boneyard Orchestra show. Satiated by the day, the billions of artists (stacked slightly looser than earlier in the day, but still manageable) shall shamble back to their appointed part of the world, waiting to return next year (or sooner, should the desire for tasty coffee or falafel or something similar strike them).

I’ll be wading my way through the hordes to execute my appointed duties as judge for the MIAD music contest and some kind of volunteer for Fab 4 Less. I probably should have asked what exactly my volunteer duties entail – I ended up in a dunk tank last time.

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