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So the podcast book isn’t QUITE done . . .

There’s always some minutiae to take care of before a book goes off to be published, I suppose. And in the world of tech publishing, the ever-shifting content means that small changes and issues are more likely, I suppose. A little list of links is a trivial matter, I suppose. The closing of a prominent site’s podcast portal, however, is… Read more →

Big Day for Fountain Square

While the billions I predicted may not have appeared (I’m hoping the recount comes closer to my earlier estimate), it was still a big day for Fountain Square. The place was littered with artists and musicians trying to find an appropriate place to craft their entries for the Masterpiece in a Day contest, and overall the results were good. It… Read more →

New Podcast AND This Weekend in Fountain Square

There’s a new podcast up at – out 109th weekly episode, to be exact. That makes us Methuselah in the podcasting world, I believe. Subscribe or download directly. There’s a hell of a lot of metal in this episode, too. Tr00 and kvlt, to be sure. From there, I’m off to the most magical weekend in Fountain Square ever…. Read more →

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