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First, the location . . .

Fountain Sqaure is one of the cultural districts of Indianapolis, as declared by whatever governmental organization has been charged with such responsibility. A green stripe of paint running down Virginia Street (one of the roads leading to the heart of this district) and a couple of pedestrian pedestals (which look like upended music stands painted orange) indicate that we've received this honor from the city - plans are to build a cultural trail along that length of green paint, terminating in a new pedestrian park. Construction has already begun downtown, near the interim library location and the tapas restaraunt my wife and I occasionally drop by. We're looking at a couple of years on the trail back home, more than likely. The paint will have to serve until then.

There's a fair share of business and community in the Fountain Square area, radiating out from the central location at the intersections of Virginia, Shelby, and Prospect. So it's not so much a square, I guess. The name stuck, though. In any case, that's where most of the life of the area starts. There are galleries, restaurants, the local coffeehouse, a music venue (and what a pleasure it is to have a place to play within walking distance), an old theater (a remnant of the district's former life as the city's theater district), and other assorted businesses. It's coming along - there's still a lot of work to be done on the neighborhoods, but the intentions (and finally the work to back it up) are coming along.

This site gives a good summary to the outside viewer, but it's a little bit different living here. Not bad at all, just a little different.

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