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Coming Home In The Square

Making my way down the alley that leads to my garage is an adventure - you never know what you’re going to find on your journey. Located on that scrambled mess of concrete slabs, gravel mess coming out of parking spaces, and some weedy overgrowth are some surprises and some inevitabilities. People lounging outside the rapidly degrading house behind us? Always. The next-door neighbors managing to park on our sidewalk, just ’cause they want to? Indeed. Assorted trash? Yep.

Occasionally there are deposits of kitty litter (because putting in the trash is just too much work) and broken televisions full of beer bottles and pork chops (I thought it was an ongoing art project before it became rancid, and I set aside my appreciation of the work to trash it). Currently, there’s a microwave resting next to a tree, for no apparent reason.

Today, however, I saw a nice landscape painting on a wooden fence. It’s certainly not visible from the sidewalk or the street, so I’m guessing it’s just a present to the neighbors. Or a more reasonable and less maggot-infested art project. In any case, it’s a welcome diversion. There’s quite a bit of art present in the neighborhood, stored mostly in galleries or artist lofts in a couple of studio/housing buildings. And now it’s leaking out.

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