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Online Magazines

Within the past day or so, two of my favorite magazines (Bass Player and Electronic Musician) have hit my inbox with previews of upcoming issues (and the offer to subscribe to online versions), and a third resource made itself available to me (Bass Musician Magazine) via a free e-mail edition. I have to admit, I’m a little psyched about the… Read more →

More Fountain Square Art

It’s not just in the alleyway. There are new murals up on the Murphy Art building, the National City Bank drive-in, and evidently behind some other buildings (although I haven’t seen them in person yet). Things seem to be going smoothly, although one muralist shared with me that if she ever paints another mural, she’ll start from the top down…. Read more →


I’ve spent many hours telling laptop users to buy a nice, padded bag to safely protect their investment. Not only do I want them to keep their laptop in working condition for their sake, but I don’t want to deal with it once they’ve damaged it. Small equals complicated in most cases, and pulling out all of those parts can… Read more →

I Want A Stick

That title sounds wrong. It seems strange to post on the Bassgeek blog about my desire to try out another instrument (I’ve been known to curse bands to various pits of damnation I don’t even believe in for refusing to include a bassist in their lineup), but more and more I’m drawn to trying out a Chapman Stick. It’s an… Read more →

Coming Home In The Square

Making my way down the alley that leads to my garage is an adventure – you never know what you’re going to find on your journey. Located on that scrambled mess of concrete slabs, gravel mess coming out of parking spaces, and some weedy overgrowth are some surprises and some inevitabilities. People lounging outside the rapidly degrading house behind us?… Read more →

First, the location . . .

Fountain Sqaure is one of the cultural districts of Indianapolis, as declared by whatever governmental organization has been charged with such responsibility. A green stripe of paint running down Virginia Street (one of the roads leading to the heart of this district) and a couple of pedestrian pedestals (which look like upended music stands painted orange) indicate that we’ve received… Read more →

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